Joe Michelin

Everyman Chef Bundle

Carefully chosen start-up gear for the discerning home chef. Pricey? A bit. But, not if you consider the sum total of replacement costs when starting with poor tools. Think of it as a capital investment in craftsman performance pieces that will bring pleasure with every cut and seasoning action. After all, dinner starts in the kitchen with your prep. Match your aspiration to the right gear.

Demeyere Atlantis Proline 9.4" Stainless Steel Fry Pan / $250
Kramer Euroline Damascus 10" Chef's Knife/ $350
Boldric Charcoal Black Denim Apron/ $70
Lip Board/$535

Joe Michelin bundles

Joe Michelin digs up the best kitchen equipment for sophisticated guys who want to elevate all aspects of the dinner performance. As a result only the most authentic and highest quality performance pieces make our platform for the delivery of the extraordinary. Design and craftsmanship ensure each piece is an inspiration to the everyman chef, producing distinctive collections to be enjoyed from creating to plating each night.

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