Michel Bras

Blade Bundle / Michel Bras

Jewel-like blades produced in three layers: stainless steel sandwiched between two layers of a more flexible stainless steel. A titanium coating added for anti-oxidation properties. A matte satin finish makes for sober appearance. Made of black laminated wood resistant to water and moisture, the handle has a distinct chestnut shape. The apex of the handle accommodates the fingers reducing hand fatigue while cutting. Not for the faint of heart. Average users should look elsewhere.

3" Paring Knife / $365
10" Chef's Knife / $465
11" Bread Knife / $545

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Joe Michelin digs up the best kitchen equipment for sophisticated guys who want to elevate all aspects of the dinner performance. As a result only the most authentic and highest quality performance pieces make our platform for the delivery of the extraordinary. Design and craftsmanship ensure each piece is an inspiration to the everyman chef, producing distinctive collections to be enjoyed from creating to plating each night.

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