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Roasted Chicken Bundle

"She had the chicken in one han', an' the ax in the other, about to cut its head off....Couldn' even eat that chicken when she got done. They wasn't nothing but a pair of legs in her han'. Grampa throwed his hip outa joint laughin'.” ― John Steinbeck, The Grapes of Wrath

Everything you need to create the most iconic American dish. Fill the house with comforting aromas that will transport everyone to a better place.

Staub Cast Iron 12.5" Roasting Dish/$164
Butcher's twine/$24
The Wooden Palate Salt Cellar with Pewter Spoon (Ebonized)/$85
Twin Silicone Pastry Brush/$22
Shun Premier 2 Pc Carving Set/$301


Daniel Humm's roasting technique in "Chicken whole roasted with black truffle brioche stuffing" from The NoMad Cookbook (p 218) by Daniel Humm and Will Guidara

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Joe Michelin digs up the best kitchen equipment for sophisticated guys who want to elevate all aspects of the dinner performance. As a result only the most authentic and highest quality performance pieces make our platform for the delivery of the extraordinary. Design and craftsmanship ensure each piece is an inspiration to the everyman chef, producing distinctive collections to be enjoyed from creating to plating each night.

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